Sourcing. Supplying. Supporting Formulations.

With the ultimate goal to fully digitize the user experience for the sourcing and selling of ingredients, concentrates, additives and flavors, our digital launch brings our complete product portfolio to the first worldwide online trading platform.

Built on trusted customer and supplier partnerships, our portfolio is supported by an international team of food and beverage trading experts that bring specialized knowledge in both the products and countries we source from and deliver to, helping us source with the utmost care to ensure the best product profile for your goods.

We are digital but we are also real: accessible by phone, email, live/video chat, or to meet for a cup of tea. We just haven’t started sourcing that yet.

Our People

Our centralized trading team is aligned by regional specialty, but not divided by it. We source, we sell, and we do everything in-between, but we don’t have a typical day. And that’s what keeps us moving forward: we stay in constant communication with our internal and external network of experts to keep developing our depth of knowledge.

Our people are our competitive advantage. 18 nationalities. 31 languages spoken. Every member of our team has the skill and international expertise to get you what you need. Whether you want assistance finding an alternate product source, or are looking to switch suppliers for a key ingredient—chances are that our people have done exactly the role that you are doing now. So we can help.

What unites us is simple: we love our raw materials community. And we want to do business in the way that works for you.


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